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Mighty Rearranger

CODE: B0007Z4S4C

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CS-Cart.com In the weeks leading up to this album's release, Robert Plant was the unlikely hit at the South By Southwest music festival, delivering such a scorching set with his band the Strange Sensation rockers a quarter of his age simply got back on their planes and went...[more]

Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection

CODE: B0009299LU

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CS-Cart.com While many of their peers were abandoning '70s metal and arena rock to hop the punk/new wave bandwagon, Def Leppard smartly stripped the earlier era's music of its excesses, bolstered it with energetic, pop-savvy hooks and quickly found itself the vanguard of the...[more]

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou



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CS-Cart.com Director Wes Anderson's jewel of a comic-character study revolves around the quirks and obsessions of Bill Murray's titular Cousteau-esque deep-sea adventurer and his motley crew of associates. As they did for the director's equally sublime Royal Tenenbaums ,...[more]