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Grant Street

CODE: B0006FO83Y

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CS-Cart.com Just as Muhammad Ali once boasted that he could "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee," Louisiana's Sonny Landreth can make his slide guitar roar like a rocket ship and dance like a ballerina. As this live set recorded on his home turf attests, few guitarists...[more]

Karma and Effect

CODE: B00097A5HC

Price: $18.98

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CS-Cart.com Seether's follow-up to their promising, moderately successful 2002 debut, Disclaimer , and its spottier, hastily repackaged 2004 sequel, was reportedly beset by fighting with their label--friction that dictated everything from profanity-free lyrics to a title...[more]



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CS-Cart.com Four CD's and nearly ten years into their career, System of a Down continue to be the Gilbert and Sullivan of this generation, delivering razor-sharp political commentary via beautiful, quirky melodies and discordant harmonies. The group has mastered the...[more]


CODE: B0009A1AS2

Price: $18.98

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CS-Cart.com Octavarium opens with a lean and enthusiastic-sounding Dream Theater, one that continues to move forward without compromising its classic sound or its classic progressive metal appeal. Bassist John Myung propels album opener "The Root Of All Evil" with a weight...[more]

Out of Exile

CODE: B00097DX3U

Price: $13.98

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CS-Cart.com In what was widely predicted to be a short-lived supergroup/side-project, Audioslave has instead gratifyingly yielded a bonafide band. The follow-up to their promising, if not quite artistically congealed '02 debut finds singer/songwriter Chris Cornell...[more]


CODE: B0002S947K

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CS-Cart.com Some singer/songwriters (think Paul Westerberg and Elliott Smith) develop their world-weariness through the unforgiving trials of passing years and the heart-breaking grind of the music business. Others (Van Morrison, Neil Young) seem to have sprung from out of...[more]



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CS-Cart.com With his chocolaty cool, soulful Memphis croon and sure sense of melody, Robert Cray has never been considered a straightahead bluesman. His often interchangeable albums have instead stayed closer to R&B, adding compact, stinging lead guitar to songs about...[more]

With Teeth

CODE: B000929AJQ

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CS-Cart.com Trent Reznor has always been a one-trick-pony, but it's a damn good trick: sunny melodies filtered through ferocious electronics. Unfortunately, the trick's impact was often watered down by a tendency toward petulance and self-absorption. Still, almost six years...[more]