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Grant Street

CODE: B0006FO83Y

Price: $16.98

50 item(s)
CS-Cart.com Just as Muhammad Ali once boasted that he could "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee," Louisiana's Sonny Landreth can make his slide guitar roar like a rocket ship and dance like a ballerina. As this live set recorded on his home turf attests, few guitarists...[more]

Mighty Rearranger

CODE: B0007Z4S4C

Price: $18.98

50 item(s)
CS-Cart.com In the weeks leading up to this album's release, Robert Plant was the unlikely hit at the South By Southwest music festival, delivering such a scorching set with his band the Strange Sensation rockers a quarter of his age simply got back on their planes and went...[more]


CODE: B0009A1AS2

Price: $18.98

10 item(s)
CS-Cart.com Octavarium opens with a lean and enthusiastic-sounding Dream Theater, one that continues to move forward without compromising its classic sound or its classic progressive metal appeal. Bassist John Myung propels album opener "The Root Of All Evil" with a weight...[more]

Rock of Ages: The Definitive Collection

CODE: B0009299LU

Price: $19.98

50 item(s)
CS-Cart.com While many of their peers were abandoning '70s metal and arena rock to hop the punk/new wave bandwagon, Def Leppard smartly stripped the earlier era's music of its excesses, bolstered it with energetic, pop-savvy hooks and quickly found itself the vanguard of the...[more]

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou



Price: $18.98

50 item(s)
CS-Cart.com Director Wes Anderson's jewel of a comic-character study revolves around the quirks and obsessions of Bill Murray's titular Cousteau-esque deep-sea adventurer and his motley crew of associates. As they did for the director's equally sublime Royal Tenenbaums ,...[more]



Price: $18.98

50 item(s)
CS-Cart.com With his chocolaty cool, soulful Memphis croon and sure sense of melody, Robert Cray has never been considered a straightahead bluesman. His often interchangeable albums have instead stayed closer to R&B, adding compact, stinging lead guitar to songs about...[more]

With Teeth

CODE: B000929AJQ

Price: $13.98

50 item(s)
CS-Cart.com Trent Reznor has always been a one-trick-pony, but it's a damn good trick: sunny melodies filtered through ferocious electronics. Unfortunately, the trick's impact was often watered down by a tendency toward petulance and self-absorption. Still, almost six years...[more]

Products found: 7