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Actiontec External USB Home DSL Modem (Bell South) ()

CODE: B00005UK8Q

Price: $18.00

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Product Description What if you were able to connect to the Internet up to 25 times faster than with a standard modem, never miss a phone call, and never log off? With the Actiontec Home DSL Modem all of this is possible. The Home DSL Modem will make the entire Internet a...[more]

Best Data CMX300 SmartOne Cable Modem

CODE: B000062SU2

List price: $119.99

Price: $39.99

You save: $80.00 (67%)
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Product Description The Best Data Smart One CMX300 Cable Modem is a high-performance, CableLabs-certified device that ensures service providers achieve seamless installation and proven performance.With the USB port, you get plug and play installation, no complicated...[more]