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PCS Phone Sanyo RL-4920 (Sprint)


Price: $199.99

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The Sanyo RL-4920's supports Sprint's Ready Link walkie-talkie feature, which makes it easy to instantly communicate with anyone on a Ready Link capable phone. When you add that to great battery life (up to 5.5 hours), a color screen, a speakerphone and support for PCS vision...[more]

Sanyo RL-7300 PCS Vision Ready Link Phone (Sprint)


Price: $279.99

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While the RL-7300 might look like a basic clamshell, it is actually a rugged, powerful mobile companion with great features like push-to-talk, a speakerphone, and dual color displays. Folks who need a phone that can take a beating will like this device. Plus, the instant...[more]

Sanyo RL2000 PCS Vision Ready Link Phone (Sprint)

CODE: B000197ZM6

Price: $249.99

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Compatible with Sprint cell phone service, the sturdy Sanyo RL2000 features PTT (Push-To-Talk), Java compatibility, speakerphone, voice dialing, and more, all displayed on a 120 x 128 pixel 4096 color STN screen. For calling, you'll enjoy push to talk walkie-talkie style...[more]